Accepted Papers

  • Abhishek Agarwal and Linus W. Dietz: Recommending the Duration of Stay in Personalized Travel Recommender Systems
  • Emanuele Cavenaghi, Lorenzo Camaione, Paolo Minasi, Gabriele Sottocornola, Fabio Stella and Markus Zanker: An Online Experiment of a Price-Based Re-Rank Algorithm
  • Evripides Christodoulou, Andreas Gregoriades, Herodotos Herodotou and Maria Pampaka: Combination of User and Venue Personality with Topic Modelling in Restaurant Recommender Systems
  • Keisuke Otaki and Yukino Baba: Maximal Likelihood Itinerary Planning with User Interaction Data
  • Costas Panagiotakis, Evangelia Daskalaki, Harris Papadakis and Paraskevi Fragopoulou: The Tourist Trip Design Problem with POI Categories via an Expectation-Maximization Based Method
  • Chana Ross, Tomer Ovadia, Jake Mooney, Amit Meitin, Eytan Kabilou, Mush Kabalo and Dmitri Goldenberg: Democratizing Travel Personalization via Central Recommendation Platform
  • Errikos Streviniotis and Georgios Chalkiadakis: Multiwinner Election Mechanisms for Diverse Personalized Bayesian Recommendations for the Tourism Domain

Workshop Proceedings

The RecTour 2022 Proceedings have been published online by CEUR Workshop Proceedings (Vol-3219).